HardenedBSD’s 2018 goals:

  • Shawn Webb:
    • SafeStack/arm64 port
    • Cross-DSO CFI on amd64
    • Documentation enhancements
    • Infrastructure growth and maintenance
    • Become a not-for-profit organization
  • Oliver Pinter:
    • Complete hbsdcontrol
    • Release engineering of stable releases
    • HardenedBSD MFC maintenance
    • Research of kernel code
    • Code refactoring
    • sysctl hardening
    • PaX UDEREF research

This is what HardenedBSD is planning for 2016:

  • All of base compiled as PIE.
  • All of base compiled with RELRO + BIND_NOW
  • Binary updates for base and kernel
  • syscall and sysctl hardening.
  • hbsdcontrol finished.
  • Focus on documentation.
  • SEGVGUARD cleanup.
  • First official release: 11.0-RELEASE.
  • PaX NOEXEC finished.
  • UDEREF started.
  • ugidfw integrated into secadm.
  • (Maybe) secadm in base.
  • Network-installable installation media.
  • Mirrors for both packages and installation media.
  • Others


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